Two Worlds II takes place some years after the events in the original game and again places you in the role of the original game’s hero, who has been captured by the evil Gandahar (the villain of the previous game) and imprisoned for years. You’re sprung from prison by, of all things, a band of elite orc commandos (orcs were hostile enemies from the previous game).

The surly orc warrior, the mystical orc wizard, and the sexy, sexy female orc assassin seek your help in stopping the villain because he has now begun a campaign to exterminate the entire orc population. The orcs sneak you through the villain’s throne room, but they are discovered and attacked by Gandahar. They attempt to make their escape in a spectacular pitched battle that shows off the game’s new motion-captured animations for melee combat.

Developer: TopWare Interactice
Release: 2/2010
Genre: RPG
Platform: PS3/X360
Publisher: SouthPeak Games

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